How To Be More Conscious

At Lamarca, we have made the commitment to live more healthy, conscious and active lives each day in order to become the best and most optimal versions of ourselves. Nevertheless, this commitment goes beyond us as individuals. We commit to become more educated about our health and the choices we make for the sake of the collective and of our planet too

We are here because we want to help you become part of this movement and lifestyle. So, here are some simple ways that will help you become more conscious and contribute to the wellbeing of your organism, your community and your planet:

  1. Join Meatless Mondays: It’s good for you while also being good for our planet. Did you know animal agribusiness contributes more to global warming than all forms of transportation combined? 

  2. Try Wheatless Wednesdays: Reduce your intake of processed gluten products as these harvesting processes are extremely energy-intensive and contribute to greenhouse emissions. You will also see improvements in your gut health and reduce inflammation.

  3. Recycle everything: glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, batteries. Learn how to properly do it, make it a habit and teach those around you at home and in the office.

  4. Reuse: Use fabric bags when grocery shopping, reusable water bottles (Memobottle available at LAB), cloth napkins instead of paper ones, switch to reusable menstrual products such as the cup, period panties, cloth pads, organic cotton tampons (My Alma tampons at LAB). Also, use real silverware and plates and stainless steel straws instead of single-use ones.

  5. Buy vintage or opt for sustainable brands: There are many in Madrid like: Vintalogy, La Mona Checha, Malasaña Vintage Outlet, Magie, and Heritage & Rare. Sustainable brands at LAB include Ecoalf, Exkite, P.E. Nation and Re/Done.

  6. Save water: To avoid wasting water, use the dishwasher only when it’s completely full, close the shower while you’re putting on shampoo or conditioner and while brushing your teeth.

  7. Save energy: Turn off the lights when you don’t need them, unplug devices when you are not charging them, line-dry your clothes. Use LED lights; they’re more energy-efficient.

  8. Have a paperless office: If printing is completely necessary, use recycled paper.

  9. Say no to plastic: Identify the products you have at home that are made of plastic (like delivery containers, tupperwares, toothpaste tube, shampoo bottle, etc.) try to reduce them month to month, and go for eco-friendly options. 

  10. Clean products: Buy cleaning as well as self-care products that are clean and contain less toxic chemicals for your and the environment.

  11. Refill: purchase products like soap, shampoo, conditioner which you can reuse the same bottle many times and simply refill it.

  12. Eat local and organic foods. Perhaps even grow your own vegetables at home: celery, basil, cilantro, tomatoes, peppers, and more!



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