#LAMARCAESCAPES Cadaqués by Sara Rodés

CADAQUÉS: A beautiful coastal town in the province of Girona in La Costa Brava, only 2 hours away from Barcelona! Dive into this wellness guide by Sara Rodés and get ready to prep your next summer getaway to Cadaqués, enjoy its pebbled beaches, windsurf and some of the most beautiful sunsets surrounded by a lively atmosphere.

WHAT TO DO: During the summer, Cadaqués provides a variety of activities for the sea and fun loving people. There are many active and wellness oriented plans, as well as fun parties, entertainment and more! 

WHERE TO STAY: The hotels in Cadaqués are known for being “chic & basic”. This is one of the things I like the most about the town because it’s their way of being luxurious. Everything gets booked very fast, so make sure you plan your trip and book in advance! My favourite quality/price hotels are: 

WHERE TO EAT: All restaurants in Cadaqués are unique in their decor as well as in their food. Although I follow a plant based diet, this list also includes some of the other restaurant “musts”, based on my experience previous to becoming vegan as well as what my dear ones love: 

WHERE TO SHOP: Get lost in the breathtaking, narrow streets of Cadaqués, not only to contemplate their beauty but to also do some shopping in the many beautiful small shops. Walk around Riba Pitxot to find other stores selling all kinds of “tie dye” pieces - a must this summer! 

WHY I LOVE IT: Cadaqués is the most Oriental point of the Iberian Peninsula, therefore being the first point of the Peninsula that sees the sun come out. Dalí, in his room, had a mirror facing the window as well as his bed. Through it, he could see when the sun was coming out and had it strategically placed to be the first Spaniard to see the sunrise. 

Jose Plà, a very important writer from the last Century, always advised the travellers who visited Cadaqués for the first time, to imagine that it was an island. It’s a Peninsula but it has a very complicated connection with the earth, so it’s kind of an island. This explains why people there have a very special and unique personality, the Catalan dialect is special, their customs and habits are very different to the rest of the country and they have their own rich culture. 

The landscape is at the end of the Pyrenees, breaking into the sea and this is another thing that makes Cadaqués very special; it has both, sea and mountains. “El Pení”, the mountain behind the village, with its over 600 meters of altitude, is the highest peak on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, and the natural border between Cadaqués and the rest of the continent.


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