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An easy 5:30h drive from Madrid and you arrive at this gem of a town and surfing mecca on La Côte d’Argent, the longest uninterrupted stretch of sandy beach in Europe. Hossegor is located on the Southwest of France in the Landes Coast, renowned for its beaches and Pine Forest. 

While at Hossegor, you can easily grab a car and visit these nearby places: Seignosse, Capbreton, Biarritz, San Jean de Luz, and San Sebastián.

Hossegor is very wellness oriented and you can find a variety of activities to make the most out of your experience there and the breathtaking landscapes, including: Surf, Golf, Paddle board, Kitesurf, Windsurf, Biking, Trekking, Horseback riding. It’s a place where there is “stoke”, a word surfers use to explain feelings of incomprehensible happiness or excitement; a state of bliss when you catch a perfect, cruising wave. Combine this feeling with the French’s ‘Joie De Vivre’, meaning joy for living or zest for life, and you find some of the happiest people on earth. Who wouldn’t want to visit Hossegor?!


WHAT TO DO: Surfing is the main attraction for locals and tourists, but you can also enjoy the active lifestyle and beautiful landscapes by biking, trekking, wind/kite surf, horseback riding, golf, exploring the food and shopping scene. 


Hossegor Lake Paddle Board



WHERE TO EAT: After all that activity you’ll need to refuel, and during the summer season you’re spoilt for choice, with cute cafés and trendy hang-outs dotted around the town centre, the beaches and beyond. There’s a wide variety of healthy, ecological and nourishing options. It’s easy to eat healthily while enjoying a mix of flavors and colors. 

Hossegor Louvine Bowl





Hossegor Les Echasses Eco Lodge



WHERE TO SHOP: La zone Pédebert provides for all your surfing needs, with outlets and concept stores selling everything from boards and wetsuits to organic hemp clothing and art. Abundance of surf shops like Vissla, RVCA, Volcom, Quicksilver, Roxy, Ripcurl, Billabong, Hurley, Patagonia, and O'neill, as well as the numerous outlet stores of these same brands. It’s evident here that surfing is on everyone’s mind. For a surfer, it’s pretty cool to be somewhere with all these stores, not only for obvious reasons (shopping) but more that these brands create an awesome vibe that runs through the town, especially during the pro tour when they throw signing parties for the Pro Surfers.



With just a 5 - 6 hour drive from Madrid, you are in one of the most beautiful coasts and forests in Europe! It's a surf Mecca (and we LOVE surf). The nature and the surf vibe is what keeps us coming back so much. We also love to kite and if you are lucky to get some wind you can have an amazing kite surfing experience with great waves. The beaches are so long that even with a lot of people, you get to have your space to just lay and chill on the beach for hours. We love that everywhere you go you either see ocean, lake or green. You can have great walks in nature, bike rides and even horse rides. 

The beach culture brings together so much awareness and consciousness for nature and health, there are so many amazing options to eat healthy and plant based, and everytime I come I discover a new flavor, a new ingredient to be used in a different way from all of the variety of small cafes and restaurants that we love to go. The quality of the food is also incredible as you see so many organic and locally raised options. We also love to do some shopping in the surf outlets, the special Vissla collabs and we can always find the best brands of surfboards and gear. We have never gone on a high season, surf competition or festival, but we are pretty sure that it must be quite an experience. 

My favorite place to stay: Les Echasses - Sustainable Luxury Eco Lodge in Saubion. It’s not walking distance from the beach, but it's surrounded by forest. Perfect for immersing in nature and quiet time with the family, plus the owners are super nice. You can go on a run in the forest! Or if you are staying closer to town, it's beautiful to go for a run or a walk around the Lac d’ Hossegor. What I love most, is that Hossegor is not a one place destination. If you grab a car, there are so many places you can visit while you’re there or on your way and back.



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